We are concerned for the next generation of Coloradans. With an increased cost of living, a skyrocketing crime rate, and an education system that has failed our students, Colorado Republicans make this Commitment.

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The Big Three


Make Colorado Affordable

We will deliver a state where middle class families can afford their home, gas, and groceries. We will reverse the excessive fees, taxes, and regulations that threaten to put the American Dream out of reach for many Coloradans.


Prioritize Public Safety

We will seek to provide better training for our officers, work to recruit and retain more officers, bring down the crime rate—which under the Democrats’ watch is spiraling out of control—and bring safety to our neighborhoods.


Expand Educational Choice

We will foster greater choice for all families and find innovative ways to ensure funding follows students rather than being bound to systems. We believe the one-size-fits-all system has failed our most vulnerable.

Sign the Commitment to Colorado Today

We are committed to making Colorado a place where a person of any background can live, work, play, visit, and raise a family, which is why we also commit to these additional priorities moving forward.

Additional Priorities


Conserve Our Environment

We will protect Colorado’s water quality and availability, properly manage our forests, and prioritize private-sector innovation to create environmentally friendly and affordable energy.


Create Jobs and Career Opportunities

We believe in the dignity of work. By reducing burdensome regulations, we will create an economy where small businesses flourish, struggling families get back to work, and progress and prosperity are unleashed.


End the War on Rural Colorado

We will protect the industries that built Colorado, support agricultural water needs, and listen to the farmers and ranchers who feed our families.


Honor the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights and Proposition 117

We will protect every taxpayer’s right to vote on new taxes (TABOR) and fees (Prop 117). We believe the citizens ourselves are in the best position to decide whether the government needs more of our hard-earned dollars.


Bring Accountability and Transparency Back to Government

We will restore transparency, character, and common sense to public office.


Build Strong Communities

We will create opportunities for families seeking upward mobility, will combat child poverty, and will support parents who want to pass their values on to their children. We believe that regardless of where one starts in life, we can foster opportunities for them to build a better future.


Protect the Rights of the Individual

We believe in the people and their individual rights: citizens make the best choices for their communities, their children, and their American Dream.

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